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The royal heritage of Jadau was initially rooted in Rajasthan. The art form was a gift from Mughals, which was later practised and skilled by craftsmen of Rajasthan. It is an intricate art form of embedding precious stones, such as polki, emerald, pearls, and other uncut diamonds on gold. The gold is employed as a casing to ingrain each stone and design an impeccable jewel. Though at present, Ahemdabad and Jaipur are popular for Jadau, Bikaner still remains the birthplace of this classic art form and later extended to other parts of India. Bikaner follows the authenticity in Jadau by designing the jewels in 24-karat gold.

Moreover, the homeland holds an astounding group of around fifteen thousand skilled Jadau artisans. The Mughals embraced Jadau with eminence, and Maharajas and Maharanis in Rajasthan fancied the art for ages. Even today, the designs replicating the Mughal jewels are popular. 

Though Jadau originated from the Mughals, Indian artisans embellished the art form in numerous ways by engraving precious pearls and uncut diamonds. Jewels such as Polki, Meenakari, Kundan are novel innovations originating from the Mughals.

How is Jadau made?

Jadau has beautiful variations. A few of them are as below.

Charming Neck Chokers

One of the go-to jewelry with every Indian bride is the neck choker that beautifully uplifts the stunning outfit’s overall look. Moreover, they have also gained popularity among western outfits. 

Jadau chokers with alluring embedded stones are popular among brides, reflecting the Mughal aura. 

Ravishing Rings

Both men and women adorn Jadau rings. A simplistic design with an uncut diamond amplifies men’s outfits. An intricate design embellished with emeralds and gems is popular among women, irrespective of any occasion.

Charismatic Chandbalis

Ingrained with contemplative floral designs of pearls and green beads, Chandbalis drives inspiration from nature. The hoop allows the entire design to display the meticulous pearls and beads work beautifully.  

‘Chand’ means moon, while ‘Bali signifies the earring. Like Jadau, Chandbalis have also been worn since the Mughal era.  

Artistic Rani Haar

No doubt, Rani Haar is an essential part of every bride’s wardrobe owing to its royal essence and elegant appearance perfectly adorns a bride. 

Though expensive, Jadau Rani Haar embraces every inch of the bride’s neck and earns a special spot in every Indian bride’s heart.

Astounding Kangans

Since antique, bangles, also known as kangans are adorned by women and men. Men often wear a single kada made of gold and silver in most parts of India. Jadau kangans add a touch of delicacy to any cultural outfit. The alluring kangans embellished with precious stones are worn as pairs or sets to beautify the wrist. 

Majestic Navratna

Navratna, as the name suggests, it does mean nine gems. It is one of the trends massively desired by millennials, especially by the women who are specific about their jewelry.

Influence over the years

Jadau jewelry is famous by many names, such as ‘Tewata’ or ‘Timaniya’ (necklace) ‘Bangari’ different types of ‘Kare’ worn by both men and women. Jadau designs also inspire the notable peacock design. 

Kundan jewelry has a rapidly increasing market.  

The traditional Jadau jewelry pieces were quite elaborative initially, but these days one can easily find a sophisticated and minimalistic piece to cater to one’s personal taste and preference. This is because craftsmen integrated contemporary styling to gratify the young generation’s choices. In fact, Jadau has gained significant popularity in overseas markets, specifically among the Indian diaspora.

Take Care of Jadau

Avoid rubbing it against surfaces or materials, as the precious stones embedded into them might fall off. 

Use a damp cloth to clean Jadau jewelry sets, dry them, and store in a spacious box. 

Keep two pieces of jewelry in separate boxes to avoid any mishandling. 

Avoid using perfume or chemical sprays near the jewelry as it diminishes the shine of the Jadau jewelry. Hence, wear it at the end, with no risk of such application once you are ready. 

Jadau and Indian Bride

Jadau jewelry has made its way in every bride’s heart, especially after the Bollywood trends have rolled out in recent years. The Rani Haar, Chokers, and Kangans are mandatory jewels that are matched with the majority of regal outfits. Nevertheless, it is essential to sustain the royal essence of Jadau in jewelry. 

Grab authentic jewelry for your special occasion. Mohini believes in preserving and cherishing the royal essence in every piece of jewels.