Exclusive handcrafted jewellery collection by Mohini


The World Revolves Around You

The enchanting world of Mohini welcomes you. In this world that revolves around you, we keep a treasure for you.

Mohini, by Dilip Sonigara, is a brand made for every woman. Our purpose is to provide traditional and contemporary jewellery with expert craftsmanship. We create jewellery that is handcrafted for you. We create jewellery that is personalised for you. We create jewellery that lets you define yourself.

At Mohini, we believe in exclusivity and for that we create rare, unique designs with select pieces for every design. We take an effort to understand your requirements and also deliver on-request exclusive jewellery that is only made for you, never replicated.

It is your story. With you, Mohini comes to life. Your glorious beauty in sparkling jewels, with intricate patterns, you and Mohini, make an intimate pair.